Tuning A Bass Guitar As A Beginner

Methods of bass guitar tuning as a beginner

Bass guitar tuning for beginners can be quite tricky. Altering the tightness of each string will result in a difference in pitch. By twisting the tuning pegs at the top of the neck up or down is how you tune your bass guitar.

Your bass can be tuned using many various methods using pitch-pipes, a tuning fork, Tuning CD, an electronic tuner, or by tuning to another instrument such as a piano. Once one string is in tune, the other strings can be tuned to it.

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Check out the method for tuning your bass guitar below. Commonly called the 5th fret tuning method:

This method requires the bottom E to be correctly tuned. You can tune it to another instrument.

Now play the open A string – they should sound the same. If the A string is higher, tune it down a little. If the A string is lower, tune it up a little. Continue this process until both are the same.

Repeat this process at the 5th fret for the D string and G string

Interested in learning this method & more, then check out the video below