Plucking vs Picking Bass Technique

The Diffrence Between A Plucking vs Picking Bass Technique

There is no “right technique” to play your bass. So long as you feel confortable and your getting the sound you want then you should stick with that method.

Lets take a look at the two methods that you can use. Plucking with your fingers, or use a pick. Both are common methods and have their place.

Once you begin some online bass guitar lessons, you will come to find one particular technique more confortable.

Plucking with fingers

Using your first two fingers in an alternating style can take some practice. Start off slowly, then you can speed up as you get confortable and the sound remains consistent. Doing so will ensure your playing remains accurate.

Keep your thumb anchored on the bass either on the scratch plate or one of the pickups.

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Picking with a pick

Picks can come in different thicknesses… thin, medium or heavy. Each pick will give a different sound. Generally when playing a bass its best to use a heavy pick to get a consistent sound, as they are less likely to flex as you hit the strings.

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Watch the video below to learn the two finger picking technique.