Beginner Accoustic 12 Bar Blues

Lets get some blues tunes going

This 12 bar blues chord sequence has been used for literally thousands of songs in blues, pop, rock and many more types of music. Once you’re familiar with it, you’ll start to recognize it everywhere.

The first four bars are on A. You should follow this and then change to D chord in the 5th bar for two bars. Follow on by reading the TAB below and repeat through the exercise until you can recognize the sequence.

Playing bass with both hands

With the previous exercise, you have only used open strings. Now its time to put your fretting hand to good use.

Finding your way

All bass players practice sequences of notes known as scales to give them greater strength, speed and flexibility in their fingers.

The diagram shown below shows the fretboard pattern for a C major scale

Starting with a C major

All major sclaes consist of 7 notes – C major uses the notes C D E F G A B.

The major scale forms a particular pattern on the fretboard. Over time you will come across other patterns such as the minor and the pentatonic.

Learn how to play the C major on this video below.